Frequent Asked Questions: 

Q. Are you really the Original Step?

A. Yes, we are indeed the Original Step, Created in 1989, Designed, Engineered and Made right here in America.

Q. What is a "Universal Riser" And how is it different from the Standard Block?

A. The Universal Riser allows the Step to function in many other ways than just a surface to step on. For example, it turns the Step into a Incline bench.

Q. I'm trying to repair an older Step? Do you sell replacement grommets?

A. We do not sell replacement grommets. We have found that replacing the grommets compromises the integrity of the Step. An older Step who's grommets have been compromised should be replaced. If you have any issues within the warranty period please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Q. Are your products truly Made in the United States of America?

A. Yes, Our Steps, Blocks, Weights and Collars are Proudly made in the United States. Our Dumbbell Bars, and Barbell bars are currently the only products that we sell that are not made in the USA, and we are still looking for a domestic source for them.